Life Skills Enterprise exists to empower, educate and motivate individuals in the 3Fs: Food choices, Faith building and Future development. We help individuals recapture possibilities to live with purpose and passion. We aim to inspire individuals to cope, hope, survive and thrive when “life happens.” Life Skills Enterprise focuses on building the total being and provides products and services to help individuals refocus and rediscover their path and ultimate destiny – personally, professionally, academically and spiritually. Life Skills Enterprise delivers products and services – books, worksheets, workshops, courses, mentoring, coaching and resources – that are designed around three key areas:

  1. Food – These products and services provide knowledge and resources that promote wellness, and combat and prevent disease. We teach individuals to eat foods that nourish without deprivation or compromising taste. We help to shift attitudes and actions towards and about food.
  2. Faith – These products and services provide knowledge and resources that help build hope, confidence, encouragement and the ability to thrive when life’s trials hinder individuals from moving forward. We help shift perspectives.
  3. Future – These products and services provide knowledge, motivation and resources that educates and delivers valuable information to learn, build, inspire, model, promote and love life.


Build, inspire, model and promote excellence by empowering, educating and motivating the underserved in food choices, faith building and future development.


Improve the lives of underserved individuals, generations and communities through educational, personal and professional development resources that promote wholeness and wellbeing.


Empower • Educate • Motivate